Mini  AussieDoodles

The M&T AD’s are “pet only” as a special request from lifelong friends and customers Doodled Hill provides a small version of Intelligence, min-shedding, loving, protective by nature carry with you everywhere you go cuteness forever kinda of pup!  Aussiepoos are a result of crossing a full bred Toy or Mini Australian Shepherd with a full bred Toy or Mini Poodle. The key to a healthy Toy or Mini is a long line of healthy parents with DNA testing. Our Primary goal on Doodled Hill is to provide healthy, happy Assistance Dogs. Know in your heart when you purchase a puppy from Doodled Hill you are helping fund  #PETS4VETS  a non-profit org.  Our litters are preplanned and we pick litters in order deposits are received. 

 Oh what precious babies these are gonna be! (F1) Mini Aussiepoo’s Just like Tigger, they’re bouncy, trouncy, fun! It’s no wonder that they’re masters of agility training. They can jump as if there isn’t a bone in their body, and will fearlessly lunge at anything and everyone in their path (all for play, of course.)
If you do decide to teach them agility, you’ll want to keep a close eye, because they’ll learn to jump over fences. If only dogs were allowed to play football…. is an Aussiepoo for you?


A Non-Refundable deposit of $300 must be received to get on a wait list or if you have questions simply hit  ( I WANT A PUPPY ) and we will respond asap.

 Thank you for your interest in the Doodled Gang!

“Mini Aussiedoodles”(beautiful litter of 8) DOB;Nov.10,2017#MADER2017

All 8 fur-babies had fur-ever homes prior to birth. Our litters are planned. If you would like to be on a puppy wait list or would like more info re; becoming a Doodled Gang Family Member just hit;  




“Mila”  Mini Aussiedoodle and her two precious girls!

Picture Perfect!  “SP” and his very own little boy!

“Gizmo Gallina” has snuggled right in with Dad and Ella!