F1 Labradoodle is a cross-bred dog created by crossing the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. The term first appeared in 1955 but was not popularized until 1988, when the mix began to be used as a hypoallergenic guide dog.  F1 Labradoodles are the result of crossing these two pure breeds. Most F1 Labradoodles shed min, however, the hair does not have the dog odor of the Labrador Retriever and min dander. With regular grooming the shedding will be at a very min.


F1b Labradoodle is an F1 labradoodle crossed with a Poodle.  An F1b Labradoodle still has the gentleness and trainability of the Labrador retriever however with more poodle in the mix you have a non-shedding, low to no order, dander free (hypoallergenic) smart, loving and very intelligent breed.  

Regular grooming is needed. We recommend the 3 F’s (feet, face, fanny).


Labradoodles often display an affinity for water and strong swimming ability from their parent’s breeds.   Their parent breeds are both amongst the world’s most intelligent dog breeds, in which the poodle is believed to be one of the smartest. This is why the Labradoodle is the #1 assistance dog

Parent Breeds

.    There are 3 types of hair, A Labradoodle’s hair can be wiry to soft.  Straight, wavy or curly like the poodles. The hair type is unpredictable .  Labradoodles are generally friendly , energetic and good with families and children.  


Our generations have been raised on Doodled Hill. Our parent pups are family pets, therapy assistance dogs, hunting retrievers. They are our whole world ! We have raised each one with loving care, great nutrition, and plenty of exercise. Our liters are strong , healthy &  happy puppies that are hand held from the day they join this world. Our babies are socialized with other dogs and people. Many of our fur-babies have gone on to be service dog’s .    

Each liter of puppies on Doodled Hill is Pre Planned for years and our Dams are NOT bred every cycle. Our Sires are AKC Poodles from Champion blood lines also raised here on Doodled Hill.  We are happy to say ALL of The Doodled Gang has loving dedication to serving their peeps. 

A  non-refundable deposit of $300 and you will be added to the list in the order of receipt also please note on dep which up coming litter you are interested in. You will also pick the litter in the same order when pup’s are 3 to 4 weeks old.  

( I WANT A PUPPY )  This will direct you to our email for more info on our fur-babies.