When you adopt a Doodle from Doodled Hill you become family and at our house, our Dood’s and Doodette’s  are always welcome to come stay awhile. Shawn Doodled knows how these precious pups become the center of your life and it’s hard to find a loving, caring  Grandma Doodled kind of place for them to stay when the need arises.   Just (?) PM/ email or call for reservations in advance or the unexpected emergencies are welcome as well.   

$40 per day  for Doodled Gang Family

And bring their food . special instructions followed to the T . Only doodles and you must be spayed or Neutered & provide copy of med record showing current on all vaccines & Boratello ( kennel cough vaccine) along with name , add & # of vet. Let us know if your Dood’s or Doodette’s would like to visit Doodled Hill !