This Is Why !

PETS4VETS,,,,,,,I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing,   Do you?

Today I still meet our children who are LIVING with the results of 9/11. My Prayers and love flow to these awesome warriors who Gave It All for My Country .

This is why !

Shawn Doodled has always had a love for the working class dogs and the beautiful foothills of NC. The high intelligence and loyalty separate these breeds from all others.   At Doodled Me 1 each one of our foundational  fur-babies based on health & pedigree have been hand selected by Shawn.  We have raised each one with love and care from pups themselves to assure soundness and observe their disposition and hereditary traits.  All of our foundation sires and dams are registered pure.  Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds with champion bloodlines and excellent health. Shawn believes in a lot of love & high-quality dog food, plenty of exercise and a well-mannered dog.  Because of our love for the working class breeds and the awe for their intelligence and eagerness to please, we have selected these two soft mouth retrievers (Poodle & American Labrador) and the protector herding instinct of the(Australian Shepherd) to cross breed and grow the perfect family, assistance and even retrieving dogs. The Australian Labradoodle was the first cross-bred hypoallergenic assistance dog in 1988.  We know a happy, healthy beginning for a puppy whose whole life is going to be giving a helping paw to someone in need is the most important achievement of Doodled Hill,,,,   With God as our Guide and our Heart as our Wheel , the drive continues with So Many Blessing’s Beyond Measure!   

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