Hunting Season on Doodled Hill

     Nestled in the foot hills of beautiful NC Doodled Hill is surrounded by wooded lands in all directions and of course we know what that attracts this time of the year.  Yes ” Deer Hunters ” and that’s ok we know most of them and they use what they kill and The Doodled Gang get’s a little taste of real meat & marrow!  The Doodled Gang is reliant upon Sir Charles & Aussie to go out and retrieve left overs for them because you know The Doodled Gang has boundaries on the Hill.


    So as the shots ring out and echo through the cold and still woods of Southern Wilkes County Charlie & Aussie head out for the bounty our hunter friends have left behind. It is all about timing if you ask Charlie & Aussie because here in the serenity of the deep woodlands we have others out there looking to have some fresh deer meet & bones as well, Coyote’s and Vultures to name a few of our woodland friends.


  The fun begins when the harvest is brought back to Doodled Hill by the most loyal provider of all . Yes, man’s best friend “dog” Sir Charles the III   aka  Charlie . After he enjoys the first bites being Alpha on Doodled Hill and shows it off to all The Doodled Gang who will just wait ever so patient until he is done. Then it will be theirs for the taking. But who and how is when the fun begins. 

In the end everyone gets a little bit and tomorrow it will be on again.